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Umrah travel is probably all you are thinking about at the moment, if you are planning on going for Umrah or have even had the remote thought on embarking on such a blessed journey then let me first of all congratulate you, because you are intending to visit the house of Allah and as in any case you can only go to someone’s house if they invite you, so in essence the thought that you want to go is in fact Allah wanting you to come and visit Him, you are very blessed indeed. Here we offer many package in different countries such as cappadocia balloon tours in Turkey

Performing the noble act of Umrah is very virtuous indeed however with everything in life, finance is required, where for many this may not be a huge problem but there are many folk who yearn to undetake this journey and visit the blessed lands of Makkah and Madina, finance does unfortunately make or break their plans.

I recall that last year, I was blessed by Allah, to go for Umrah in Ramadan, that was a very very blessed Ramadan for me, I mean it doesn’t get any better if you get to spend the most holiest days for any muslim on the sacred land with the Kaaba infront of you in every salah.

However I took the bold decision of booking my flights and then sorting out my accomodation when I got there. It was a troublesome experience to say the least, going for Umrah in Ramadan can be tricky if you have not sorted your accomodation because it is a peak season for them down there, and their prices are touching the sky, I mean I got quoted some ridiculous prices and not to mention the frustration of going from one hotel to another because everywhere you go it is fully booked. Had I gone with any one of the Umrah packages around I would have saved my self a lot of hassle.

So my advice for anyone on a tight budget would be to try and sort out your accomodation before you leave, only as a last resort should you go without arranging some sort of accomodation, many Umrah packages will be able to accomodate you if you only want them to provide you with accomodation. If you happen to be travelling without sorting out your accomodation then be prepared for exhaustion and you may have to spend a couple of nights in a really lowly place until you find something decent, but you know….its worth it….trust me.

Now if you are looking for cheap umrah packages, let me put someting out on the table, there is nothing wrong in trying to look for a bargain on something, however some people argue that you are going for Umrah, the house of Allah, with the the wealth that Allah has given you, so why are you being a penny pincher? Also you want your journey to be as comfortable a possible so you can concentrate or your acts of worship. But that said it may be possible that your financial situation may be really tight and a cheap umrah package could mean the difference between you going or not going? It thats the case then I am sure that there is no harm in looking for the cheapest Umrah deal around.

Not all Umrah package deals are the same, so you need to look at the full details to gauge whether the package is the cheapest or not since it may seem cheap on the outset however it may cause you alot of grief later, for example, if you are going for Umrah in ramadan and you decide to take a package which does not include food, then be prepared to wait in long queues for food, because that is what happens in Haram, obviously you have a couple of million people there atleast and they haven’t eaten all day so there is bound to be a rush for food after iftar. You can also combine this with 3 Masajeeeds Kudus Turu. So by paying a bit extra here you can avoid all that hassle there.